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    Ad for International teachers 2019

    For English Teachers

    Job Description

    The English Department of the College of Foreign Languages is committed to offering our international colleagues fascinating teaching as well as rewarding cross-cultural experiences. The department recruits English teachers on a yearly basis for both undergraduate and graduate programs. International teachers are offered a variety of courses based on their academic background and strengths, including Business English, Newspaper Reading, English Phonetics and Phonology, Cross-cultural Communication, History of Western Civilization, Reading of Western Classics, The Society and Culture of English Speaking Countries, Overview of the World, and International Relations, in addition to the core courses such as Speaking, Advanced Writing, and Advanced English.


    ·Native English Speaker

    ·Bachelor’s degree or above, preferably master’s degree or above in a relevant field

    ·Over 2 years’ teaching experience at formal educational institutions

    ·Teaching Certificates preferred (TESOL, TEFL or others)

    ·Minimum 1 school-year commitment, 12 hours per week

    Salary and Benefits

    ·Monthly salary from RMB 6,800 to 14,400 (6,800 for bachelor’s with over two years’ teaching experience; RMB 7,800 for master’s with five years’ teaching experience; 8,800 for doctor’s; 10,900 for associate professor; 14,400 for full professor)

    ·Round-trip international flight allowance every year (8,000 for Europe; 10,000 for USA)

    ·Monthly apartment renting allowance from 1,500 to 2,500

    ·Yearly heating allowance from 2,100 to 3,700

    ·Medical insurance of 1,680 per year.

    ·Free transport from the airport

    ·Luggage delivery reimbursement of 1,000


    Please send your CV together with references, copies of passport and degrees, and recent photos to coordinators of the English Department, Li Xukui (lixukui@ouc.edu.cn) and Jin Hao (jinhao@wustl.edu).

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