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    Assistant President Wu Qiangming Attends the 6th China-Japan Education Exchange Seminar

    From November 26 to 30, 2019, the 6th China-Japan Education Exchange Seminar was held in Osaka, Japan. More than 400 faculty members and students from 152 Chinese and Japanese universities participated in the event. OUC’s Assistant President Wu Qiangming led a delegation to the seminar.

    The seminar is sponsored by China Education Association for International Exchange. Mr. Li Tianran, the Chinese Consul General in Osaka, delivered a speech at the opening ceremony of the seminar. He said that 2019 is a year that marks fruitful results in the exchanges between the two countries’ youths. The two countries should continue to strengthen exchanges and cooperation with each other in people-to-people exchanges. Educational communities of the two countries could conduct extensive cooperation, making greater contributions to the development of bilateral relations in the new era.

    Assistant President Wu and his delegation visited the OUC student team that was participating in the International Entrepreneurship Competition for College Students, and engaged in discussions with leaders from Osaka University, Kobe University and Kyoto University about student and faculty exchange and research cooperation.

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