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    University Hospital

    OUC Infirmary is a healthcare center serving the health and wellness of the entire OUC community. It is a legitimate, non-governmental and non-profit community-level hospital, which is also a designated institution for medical insurance in Qingdao.

    The infirmary departments boast the department of internal medicine, the surgical department, the department of stomatology, the ophthalmology, the department of traditional Chinese medicine, the department of prevention and health care, the department of radiology, the clinical laboratory, the ultrasound room, the X-ray room, the physiotherapy room, the ECG room, the dressing room, the observation room, and the injection room. Each one of the three campuses boasts one clinic. Each clinic has set up departments of internal medicine, surgery, gynecology, stomatology, Chinese medicine, prevention and health care, radiology, clinical laboratory, ultrasound room, ECG room, TCM dispensary, dispensary for western medicine. The hospital is equipped with a broad range of medical devices, including the automatic biochemistry analyzer, blood cell analyzer, urine analyzer, digital gastrointestinal X-ray machine, color Doppler imaging, advanced X-ray equipment for oral cavity test, Holter monitor, dental unit, dental X-ray machine and Italian sterilizer.

    The hospital also boasts a strong and professional team of 46 physicians and nurses. They provide basic treatment for common illnesses and frequent occurring diseases and special treatment services such as traditional Chinese medicine and oral cavity disease as well as public health.


    Contact Information:

    Laoshan Campus:

    Emergency Room 24hr


    Department of Stomatology




    Yushan Campus:

    Department of Internal Medicine


    Department of Stomatology




    Fushan Campus:

    Department of Internal Medicine


    Department of Stomatology




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